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About IELTSKY...雅思天空

This is a place to share my hand-on experience in teaching IELTS since 2002 across various training schools, colleges and universities of Beijing, Shanghai and Vancouver.

This is a space for you as an IELTS candidate to desperately prepare for IELTS as a newbie or usedtobie within a short period of time from one week to six months to reach minimum Band 5.5 up to 7.

It is also a platform for you as a tutor, instructor as well as course consultant to share ideas with or get insight into the test based upon students' needs so that a new level of teaching or peformance is reached productively.

This is definitely NOT a place to receive any prediction or guess on upcoming test questions as most main-stream schools promote or star-teachers do.

Instead, there are only the groups that discuss, analyse and suggest how to tackle IELTS in real-time strategies and tips which may help students or teachers with open-mind in practicalism, precision and accuracy.

This is the SKY we are flying to...and with the dream coming true...




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